Machine vision is a technology for capturing, processing and analyzing images, using technologies to replace humans in widely varied industries, firstly introduced for product quality visual control. Today, machine vision is a fast-growing field of science and technology. Hardware and software of machine vision systems, are now used not only for quality control, but also in intelligent transportation systems, biometrics, robotics, automation, autonomous cars, manufacture, agriculture, and many other industries.


Machine vision cameras belong to a certain class of equipment, which differs from television, cctv and network IP-cameras. These cameras allow you to receive high-quality images, without distortion, without data compression while suitable for measurements.



Tracking production parts, reading and verifying product lots and codes.


Guiding robots or aligning tools for inspection.


Verifying parts, assemblies and packaged goods.


Checking dimensional accuracy on parts against geometrical tolerances.

Print Inspection

Print inspection applications are well suited to line scan systems.


Guiding robots, checking parts, identifying codes, inspecting quality, and more

Flaw Detection

Detecting discoloration, scratches, cracks on product surfaces.

Food & Packaging

Verifying seals, grading products, reading labels, and more


2D code inspection on packages of different heights.


Track & Trace in the packaging process


High performance imaging components for License Plate Recognition, Enforcement, Toll Management, Traffic Monitoring, and more.


10 GigE Vision

Machine vision cameras with 10 GigE interface are easy to integrate and, with a bandwidth of 1.1 GB/s, are ideal for applications with high resolution or high process speed.

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Operating principle and features of CMOS sensors

Industrial cameras with CMOS sensors perform precise image evaluation at high speeds. Find the right camera for your application quickly with information on features, operation, and the performance review.

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Modern machine vision cameras are presented at Vision Technology Forum with a wide range of models with diverse resolution, spectral sensitivity, frame rate from leading worldwide and local manufacturers: