High-speed cameras allow you to shoot at a speed of 1000 frames per second or more. For some models, 100,000 or even 500,000 frames per second is not the limit. Such cameras are absolutely indispensable in areas where scientists and engineers analyze fast processes that are invisible to the naked eye.


A modern high-speed camera is a complex optical-electronic device, based on a high-speed CMOS sensor. The most advanced sensors allow you to issue a data stream with a frequency of up to 40 Gigapixels per second and provide exposure times of up to several hundred nanoseconds, which allows you to visualize the fastest movements with sufficient resolution in time and without the blur effect.




Visualization of a process with the analysis of the obtained data and measurement of physical quantities


Car crash tests for driver and passengers safety


Ultra-fast processes visualization in aerospace industry


There are only a few manufacturers of high-speed cameras in the world that use proprietary CMOS sensors, one of them is Integrated Design Tools (Pasadena, USA), a participant in the Vision Technology Forum 2019 in Moscow. High-speed cameras using exclusive CMOS sensors are characterized by the highest image quality and advanced technical and operational characteristics.


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