Vision Technology 2018

September 26, 2018 Vision Technology forum was held for the first time. More than 120 experts attended the event, where reports from leading world manufacturers of scientific and industrial cameras, imaging systems and their components were presented.


Automation Technology (Germany)

Teledyne Dalsa (Canada)

LaVision (Germany)

Z-LASER (Germany)

Photometrics (USA)

CameraIQ (Russia)

Conference & Expo

Machine vision, high-speed and scientific cameras were presented in the exhibition hall. A special event was LaVision's training on tomographic PIV systems for visualizing and diagnosing fluid and gas flows.


It was my first trip to Russia and I was impressed by CameraIQ.  The event was professionally organized and executed.  Both the presentations and exhibition attracted many audience, where we presented the latest product updates from Teledyne Dalsa and had live demos.  Some attendees were quite knowledgeable in vision technology and engaged fruitful discussions.  The Vision Tech Forum provides a very good platform for promoting vision technologies and products in Russia and I hope it will continue in the future.


Xing-Fei He, Ph.D.

Senior Product Manager, Teledyne DALSA (Canada)


Very nice and useful event at which end users and suppliers come into direct contact. This enables the suppliers to get interesting and real application feedback and input from the users and their applications. The users on the other hand can address technical questions directly to the right person and profit from the suppliers experience. Like this all participants can profit from such an event.


Tobias Bürkle, Dipl.-Kfm. 

Sales Manager Machine Vision, Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH (Germany)


The Vision Technology forum was a great experience to discuss applications and technologies within the Russian community of machine vision experts. We had very interesting and deep discussions with people from different market segment. It was great to see all the interest and discuss new ideas. We are looking forward to continue the discussions and hopefully reconnect in the future.


Christian Loeb

Regional Sales Manager, Teledyne DALSA GmbH (Germany)