September 14-18, 2020

This year, due to the pandemic and the danger of the spread of the coronavirus, mass events are prohibited. We care about the health of our employees and customers, and we will hold a forum in a new online format.

Learn about the latest Vision industry, and visit the forum online from any city. As part of the week of webinars, you will be able to communicate with equipment manufacturers and colleagues, discuss your projects and ask questions that interest you. The webinars will be attended by both representatives of Russian and foreign companies with global experience in solving industrial and scientific problems. We invite equipment manufacturers, system integrators, developers and users of machine vision and scientific visualization systems.


The world-leading manufacturers of industrial and scientific cameras, and software will present their products and solutions. 

MVTec (Germany)

Telops (Canada)

CameraIQ (Russia)

Photometrics (USA)

ORME (France)

Topics and trends

Machine vision

Main topic - software for machine vision

• Development environment for machine vision systems


• Machine vision and deep learning (Deep Learning)


• Software for embedded systems


• Solutions for system integrators and end users - to quickly create machine vision systems without the involvement of programmers

HALCON is an industry-leading integrated vision software development environment developed by MVTec (Germany).

In 2020, HALCON officially enters the Russian market.


Russian developers now have access to a development environment that includes a wide range of image processing and analysis functions, including marking reading, comparison with a sample, measurements, object counting, 3D shape analysis, character recognition and much more.


HALCON supports multi-core platforms, GPUs, Arm-based embedded solutions.

MERLIC - fast creation of machine vision systems without programming.

MERLIC is MVTec's software for fast and easy implementation of machine vision systems.


Based on the functions developed for HALCON, the MERLIC software does not require programming code, but offers an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows you to solve complex problems without spending long development time and without involving programming specialists.

Scientific imaging and testing

Scientific cooled infrared cameras (thermal imagers)

Telops (Canada) is a manufacturer of high-tech infrared cameras for near shortwave (SWIR), medium (MWIR) and far (LW, VLW) ranges of the spectrum, including hyperspectral.


Telops infrared cameras have a cooled IR receiver, a unique calibration technology.


Scientific-grade thermal imaging cameras allow you to record the smallest temperature changes, as well as perform high-speed shooting in the infrared range.


Telops cameras are officially supplied to Russia.

Scientific high-sensitivity cameras

Teledyne Photometrics (USA) is one of the global leaders in high-sensitivity scientific CMOS, CCD and EMCCD cameras.


The company's developments are aimed at the most complex applications that require registration and quantitative analysis of weak signals in biological research, such as: fluorescence microscopy, plane illumination microscopy, confocal microscopy with a rotating disc, imaging of living cells, etc.

Data analysis for high-speed imaging

High-speed cameras are an indispensable tool for recording and visualizing fast processes.


Motion analysis software allows you to turn the camera into a device for measuring physical quantities.


Orme (France) is a developer of TrackImage software for automatic installation and analysis of facility development tools based on materials captured by high-speed cameras.


TrackImage allows you to determine the coordinates, trajectories, speed and acceleration of objects, to control the shape of the surface of objects.

Webinar program

September 14 - MVTec 16:00 (Moscow, GMT+3)

HALCON is an integrated software development environment for machine vision systems.


Webinar attendees will learn about the HALCON toolbox, including Deep Learning features, examples of applications and programming features using the HDevelop IDE.


Michael Bellmann

Presales Engineer

MVTec Software GmbH

(webinar language - English)



September 15  -  Telops 16:00 (Moscow, GMT+3)

Scientific cooled thermal imagers. Telops technologies. Applications. Demonstration.


Online demonstration of a scientific infrared camera for webinar participants, an overview of calibration technologies, multispectral imaging, and wide dynamic range. Practical questions and examples of applications.


Philippe Lagueux

Business Development Manager & Technical Sales

(webinar language - English)



September 16  -  Teledyne Photometrics 16:00 (Moscow, GMT+3)

The choice of a scientific high-sensitivity camera. New developments with CMOS backlight technology. Demonstration of cameras on a microscope.


Participants in the Photometrics webinar will learn about the main technologies used in modern scientific cameras, about the practical aspects of choosing a camera, new developments and experiences with cameras. There will be a live comparative demonstration of cameras with different technologies on a microscope.


Dr. Louis Keal

Field Applications Specialist

Teledyne Photometrics

(webinar language - English)



September 17  -  ORME 16:00 (Moscow, GMT+3)

TrackImage high-speed shooting analysis software.


Participants of the webinar will learn how to use TrackImage software to calibrate the camera and automatically process high-speed footage, turning their camera into a measurement tool.


Domenico de Bartolomeis,

Business Development Manager


(webinar language - English)



September 18  -  MVTec 16:00 (Moscow, GMT+3)

MERLIC - fast creation of machine vision systems without programming.


Participants of the webinar will get a practical understanding of the use of MERLIC on the example of relevant tasks (including reading the mandatory marking), the compatibility of MERLIC with various types of machine vision cameras from different manufacturers.


Andrew Solovyev

Implementation and Support Engineer


(webinar language - Russian)


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